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Mobile Menu Design

If you want more traffic for your restaurant, coffee shop or cafe, you need a mobile-friendly menu. Why? because 75% of the population carries the Internet around in their pocket, and almost every single one of them have used their phone to search for a restaurant, coffee shop or bar.  They are the largest potential market in the history of humankind.
But guess what - if they can't find you on their phones or if your menu is hard to use, they are not coming to your business. According to Google, the largest search engine on the planet:
  • Smartphone users are 5X more likely to click away from your menu if it's not mobile friendly. 
  • 60% of smartphone users will click away from your menu if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load 
  • Once a smartphone user clicks away from your non-mobile friendly menu, you are out of sight and out of mind.

Check out these actual menus as seen on an iPhone 6

If your menu resembles the one on the left instead of the one on the right, you don't stand a chance...
Get our complete package - A customized fully digital menu which looks great on all types of devices. It's easy to update, keep current, keeps your customers happy and attracts new business.  linked to your website with a seamless redirect for smartphone users.  Buy now and we'll have it up and running in about 72 hours. 
"Our website gets hundreds of hits every month, and over 60% of them are from smartphone users viewing our menu. I know our mobile menu is effective, because customers come in and ask for featured items. I highly recommend this!
BBI Cafe, Indianapolis
Included with your mobile menu:

Click To Call

 A click to call button makes it easy for mobile users to call with questions or to place an order.

Click For Directions

A click for directions button opens a Google map and makes it easy for first time customers to find your restaurant.

Coupon Option

Want to run a special? Offer a coupon designed to get first time customers in the door, or a different offer to entice previous customers.

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Open Table

If you use the reservation service for Open Table, you can include it in your mobile menu and get even more reservations.


When someone nearby visits your website on a smartphone, a popup invites them to your facility.

Share Your Menu

An optional "Share" button lets your customers share your menu with their friends using email and Social Media.

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Mobile Menu Pricing: $395 + $79 monthly hosting & maintenance  

Includes design to match your website format & colors (or menu if you do not have a website). Also includes setup and link to your website with an automatic redirect for smartphone users. Hosting includes basic maintenance including up to one menu change per month (maximum of 10 items or prices) and guaranteed availability.