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Zero Resistance Selling

November 23, 2015

Have you ever lost a sale and wondered why?  After all, you made a great pitch, you were in the ballpark for their budget, and they definately had a need for your product/service. So why didn't they buy?


This is a question salespeople have been asking themselves for thosuands of years - you would think someone would have come up with the answer by now.  After all, there are only so many objections & stalls. Books have been written on closing techniques, dealing with objections, handling rebuttals, etc.  I've read 'em all, or most of them.  And the sad truth is, most of them miss the point.  The point is, if you set it up properly from the start, there won't be any serious objections when you get to the end.


So, how do you go about setting up a zero resistance sale?  Here are some specific steps, which if used, I guarantee will increase your closing percentage substantially.


1)  Make sure you're speaking to the decision maker(s).  It's amazing how many sales reps still make the greenhorn mistake of not speaking to the right person or decision makers.  Obviously, you can't close the sale if you're not talking to the right person.


2) Qualify for interest, even if you've already qualified prior to the meeting.  This provides reinforcement and gives you the right to close the sale if you've got the solution.


3) Find out what they're using now, and what has been their experience with it.  Ask what they like about their current product/service and what they would change if they could. This gives you insight as to how to present your product/service.


4) Qualify for budget - find out how much they're spending now, and  how much of that they could redirect to your company.  Or, if they're not currently using a similar product or service, throw out a price range and ask where they fit - bottom, middle, or top of the price range.


5) Ask them to do you a favor - if they like what you show them to give you a yes or no answer today. Justify this with an explanation that makes sense. (Hint - this works best with small dollar items/services.) Wording - " I'm going to explain this in detail and answer all your questions to the best of my ability.  The only thing I ask in return, is if you like this and feel that it works for your business, tell me yes and I'll help you get started.  If on the other hand, you don't like my proposal or feel it doesn't make sense, tell me no.  I'll leave, and you'll never see me again.  Fair enough?"


6)  Old stuff here, but be sure to get positive feedback throughout your presentation.


7) At the close, simply ask if you've answered all their questions to their satisfaction. If you get a yes response, close it down. If you get a no, find out what they're missing, handle it, and close again.


Apply these techniques, teach them to your sales reps and you will see an immediate increase in your sales & profits.



Suzanne Bradley has over 3 decades of in-the-trenches sales experience, and has taught numerous salespeople who have gone on to earn six-figure incomes.  She writes about selling, sales training & marketing techniques. An entrepreneur who owns and is active in 3 busnesses, Suzanne is available for sales training & sales coaching on an outsourcing basis. She can be reached at "suzanne@webxmarketing.net."


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