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10 Ways To Lose A Sale

July 25, 2016

There are a lot of blogs being written about how to make sales, so I thought I would write one about how sales are being lost every day.  Enjoy!


1. Go in unprepared. Don't do any research on the prospect, don't have any paperwork completed in advance, and for goodness sakes, don't know anything about the competition - yours or theirs.


2. Always answer a question with a statement.  For example, if the customer asks "does it come in blue?" just say "yes." That way you don't know if it's an important issue or just fluff.


3. Talk more than you listen. After all, you're the "xpert" and you absolutely know that what you're selling is in the customer's best interest.


4.  Don't have a prepared response for standard objections.  Even if you've heard the phrase "I want to think it over" a hundred times, don't be prepared to re-frame it and use it as a close.


5. Don't have any referrals or happy customers you can point to.  After all, the customer should just take your word for what you're selling.


6. Argue with the customer whenever they say something you don't agree with.  After all, it's more important to win the argument than make the sale, right?


7. Don't ask any fact-finding questions of your prospect.  You know better than your prospect which product in your inventory will meet their needs.


8. Use a one-size-fits-all presentation.  Why bother to tailor your presentation to the prospect?


9. Ignore everyone in the room except your key contact.  Who cares if the wife, husband, partner or chief engineer is present.


10. Don't assume the sale. After all, what right do you have to make up the prospect's mind for them?


Author's Note: Obviously this is tongue in cheek, but after personally going on thousands of sales calls, both solo and accompanied by rookies and/or sales pros, these are some of the most obvious ways of losing sales that I've come across.  For more sales wisdom or sales training, email me at "suzanne@webxmarketing.net.

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