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"Terms and Conditions"

We don't want to get too legal with terms and conditions,
but we need to make sure that you and WebX are
both in agreement to some simple things.

Upon receiving your initial request for a Responsive Design Website, Mobile Menu, or any other website, graphics work, SEO program or website maintenance, WebX will provide you a written (email) quotation for the cost of these works. Your approval of these costs via return email, and receipt of your deposit, will activate the following terms and conditions.

  • WebX will build your Responsive Design Website, Mobile Menu, or any other website or graphic design work or SEO plan using, but not limited to, the information including pictures, text you provide us within our site build form and/or emails from you.

  • WebX will use images/photos provided by you or will offer images from its library or from the Internet. If images are found that require a purchase, you will be advised of the cost. Upon your approval, this cost will be an addition to your invoice.

  • Images and Videos should be properly labeled and of best quality possible. Videos should only be in YouTube or Vimeo; no other formats will be accepted. 

  • WebX will build the Responsive Design Website with an initial dynamic content front page mockup for desktop, tablet and mobile, and present that to you  for approval before the site moves to a full build. The mockup is of a design concept nature and contains minimal content. 

  • Upon approval of this mockup, WebX will then move to a full build of the Responsive Design Website which will be finalized within 7-21 working days. WebX will allow you to make up to two sets of back and forth (edits) to this site based on the information you have provided us with the site build form and prior emails. Any edits that are a result of a mistake by WebX are not included in the single back and forth emails.

  • Any additions/changes to the site that have not been provided in the initial information, and changes that are not associated to the original information will be completed at an additional cost of  $125/hour.

  • WebX defines an edit as a change that requires no redesign of graphics, layout or additional pages. A change or addition is defined as any action that requires a new graphic design, change of template or layout, or additional pages.

  • If there will be outside links, such as third party applications or websites, WebX holds no responsibility if the links do not work well in conjunction with the Responsive Design Website.

  • All invoices paid by card will have an additional handling fee of 4% to the total cost which is for third party payment channels (all major credit cards). All returned checks will be charged a fee of $35. Late payments over 7 days will be charged $10/day until full payment is made.

  • WebX will only provide access to the Responsive Design Website after it has been made live. Any changes made by the client that result to site damages, malfunction and the like, will not be a responsibility of WebX. We will be able to repair the damage at an additional cost.

  • All Graphic works created by WebX will be watermarked and remain the property of WebX until all balances of invoices are paid. 

  • All SEO Services are to be paid on a month to month direct debit basis, two months in advance and for a minimum term of three months.

  • All Site Management Services are to be paid on a month to month direct debit basis, a month in advance and for a minimum term of six months. 

  • Failure of direct debit payments will result in you having 7 days to rectify the payment situation of which you will be notified. If the situation is not rectified within 7 days your site and/or services will be suspended from public view. If the situation is not rectified within an additional 7 days, the site and/or service will be terminated.

  • WebX will use email, Skype chat, text messaging or phone for any form of communication with you.  As a courtesy, we will respond to communication from you within 1 - 3 business days, except for holidays and during vacations.  We expect the same courtesy in return. Failure to return communication within a reasonable time frame may result in your project being placed at the back of our project schedule.

  • WebX makes no guarantees that any of its products or services will increase your business, give you page one Google ranking, increase revenues or bring you the love of your life.

  • WebX believes that the customer is usually right. However, if you treat any of our staff with disrespect with verbal or written abuse we will advise you of that, and ask you to play nice. We also reserve the right to terminate our business with you.

  • All terms and conditions above are subject to change without prior notice.

  • All Intellectual Property Rights (including, without limitation, all database rights, rights in designs, rights in know-how, patents and rights in inventions (in all cases whether registered or unregistered and including all rights to apply for registration) and all other intellectual or industrial property rights in any jurisdiction) in any information, content, materials, data or processes contained in or to this website belong to WebX. All rights of WebX in such Intellectual Property Rights are hereby reserved.